An Insight Into Arthur All Round Becker’s World

Arthur Becker’ office displays his interest in both art and real estate. The premises that serve as both his office and his art studio are near the location of his future start up solo development project. This project is a high rise condo expected to be $ 52.5 million when it sells. Becker’s venture into real estate is not new; he ventured into real estate as a silent partner to various development initiatives like the Billionaires’’ Row development and Madison Equities ( at III West 57th Street and 10 Sullivan Street respectively. Before his real estate venture, Becker was a stockbroker; he had his massive breakthrough in 2000 after purchasing several tech companies.

Becker later sold his share of the development to his partners in exchange of three townhouses on Sullivan Street. His ventures are majorly in the aspects of real estate, art, tech, and finance. Throughout this career, he has taken up various experiments. Becker has ventured in marketing and also invested in a farm in Hawaii that grew macadamia nuts. According to NY Daily News, most of his projects have been influenced by his personal experiences both in the past and present for instance the magic8 ball, the paperweights and the brick sample. He also has a metaphorical approach towards money and how people relate to the meaning of money.

Arthur Becker attended Bennington College where he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. He also mentioned on that he has specialized in photography and ceramics. He later attended Business school in Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth. In the early 1990s, he made photographic images and paintings that had texture and visual artifacts. He owned a tech company called NaviSite for almost a decade before selling it to Time Warner in 2010. After the sale of NaviSite, he founded a publishing forum called Zinio LLC where he is the executive and director of the company and also a member of the company’s board. Becker’s art is displayed in New York at Hal Katzen and Morgan Walter Fine Art and in Florida at Art Basel and Arcature Fine Art. His current venture dwells in aspects of currency and how people relate to it.