Construcap Drives Innovation And World-class Service In Brazilian Real-Estate Industry

Brazilian real estate industry is going through a transformation in the recent years. The prices of the commercial and residential properties were skyrocketing for some time, and the past few years saw a stagnation in the growth due to the overall slowness of the Brazilian economy at While many firms are upset with the changes in the environment, there are few firms which look at the opportunities and options the situation creates. For them, it is not a stagnation or turmoil, but it is the maturity of the market. These firms see it as an opportunity to make a difference by offering high-quality service with greater customer-orientation on

Construcap is prominent among that elite group, and it looks for options to provide better and quality service to its clients. The firm is confident that it can overcome the market downturn by driving innovation and world-class service in the industry on The firm knows that helping to overcome the market crisis is the duty of a committed firm with deep national interests. With this reason, the real-estate firm also helps other companies that are struggling, by offering better strategies and expert assistance to fight back and win the market. Apart from setting their own standards in the industry, the firm also focuses on its commitment to the environment. Construcap has developed a number of sustainable projects as it thinks that its works should be reflecting the deep respect to the environment.

Construcap is one of the top ten construction and real-estate firms in Brazil. It also actively involves in infrastructure and energy investments both in public and private sectors. The firm founded in the year 1944 and its more than 70 years of the professional journey has given exposure to carry out even highly complex construction projects. It has won ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 9001 certifications for its processes and that are based on its Integrated Management System. Construcap has footprints across the country, and it equally specializes in both engineering and construction works. Apart from contracting buildings, industrial plants, and infrastructural projects, it also specializes in structured projects. It includes multi-storey hospitals, sports centers including stadiums, and transportation infrastructures like roads and ports.