Entrepreneurs Depend on Mike Baur’s Leadership for Startup Capital

CEO Mike Bauer chose to found the Swiss Start Up Factory after a long tenure in the Swiss banking industry. Mike’s decision to choose a path in order to elevate entrepreneurs into the business world has proven to be a very successful venture.


Swiss Start Up Factory has become a leading company for building young companies from a beginning stage to a level of predication for growth. Mike’s experience in the banking industry set the foundation for being able to understand where there is opportunity for investors to leverage a startup company and positioning it for expansion.


The Zurich based accelerator program provides significant resources to entrepreneurs such as office space, funding support, mentors, coaching and access to technology advancements.


From the outset of founding the company, Mike’s leadership has been a critical component in the program becoming successful. Mike creates an environment that encourages entrepreneurs to take risks and think outside of the traditional methods of creating a company. His extraordinary leadership has been a core element for entrepreneurs gaining advantage with developing their company and marketing brand. Mike is fully involved in obtaining funding capital for entrepreneurs by working with investors.


Mike was appointed as Deputy Managing Director for CTI Investments in January 2016. CTI Investments is a firm which provides niche lending to third tier companies such as Swiss Start Up Factory that choose not to access funding through traditional lending processes. With Mike’s knowledge of the banking industry along with his leadership, the participants within the program have received enormous opportunities for venture capital. In the same year, Swiss Start Up Factory created an increased value to entrepreneurs with establishing an advisory board to pivot further interaction within the program to benefit the potential companies.


In the December issue of the Wall Street Journal, Mike Baur was profiled for his business skills, leadership and effective entrepreneurial startup success. Swiss Start Up Factory continues to expand in ways that align with Mike’s vision and capitalize on the investment opportunities he is able to assemble.


Swiss Start Up Factory has risen to great heights through Mike Baur’s vision, leadership, and his fundamental understanding of the banking industry. Mike has built great relationships that allow his team to create alliances that young entrepreneurs benefit from. Last year’s significant growth of 1,500 applicants into the accelerator program is evidence that Swiss Start Up Factory is headed in the right direction.