Looking Through the Life of Besty Devos, the 11th US Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos, born Elisabeth Prince, is the current US education secretary. This is following her confirmation, early this year by President elect Donald Trump, making her the 11th Education Secretary of the US. Aside from holding this government position, Betsy DeVos is known to be a great philanthropist, advocate, innovator and a successful businesswoman.

Early Life and Education

This phenomenal businesswoman, and advocate, was born in Michigan to Elsa Prince, a public school teacher, and Edgar Prince, founder of Prince Corporation. She attended Holland Christian High School and passed with flying colors, allowing her to gain an admission to Calvin College, where she obtained an Undergraduate degree in Arts. It was during her years in college that her love for politics was sparked. She started out as an active member of the campus student leadership.

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Prior to being confirmed for this position, Betsy DeVos had been actively involved in politics for the past 35 years. For four consecutive times, she was appointed to serve as the Chairman of Michigan’s Republican Party. During this time, she was would oversee the organization of parties. Also, she led party campaigns and chaired the political action committees. She has continued to be active in politics, even after ending her tenure as chairman of the Republican Party. She continued to advocate for the advancement of education choices.

Education Advocacy

Her interest in education was inspired by her background. She was raised by a mother who was a public school teacher. Her attendance to public schools also sparked her passion for education. She realized that there were student who had great potential but were not granted the opportunity to obtain quality education. And, as her career started she began to interact firsthand with leaders that were actively involved in the advocacy for better education and more choices for parents. Since then, she has always dedicated herself to bettering the quality of education in her hometown and beyond.


Anyone that knows Betsy DeVos describes her as a lady with a very big heart. She always seems to be contributing to one charity or the other. She is so passionate about elevating the lives of the undeserved that along with her husband, Dick DeVos, they started a foundation, The Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation, which a non-profit organization. The foundation concentrates on donating to various charity courses including arts, education, justice, leadership, and community.

She is known to have started the first ever aviation charter school in Michigan. She is also known to have founded ArtPrize, and continues to fund the international Arts Competitions that are held by the company. Visit Betsy’s profile on twitter.com.