Penelope Kokkinides Keeps InnovaCare Health In the Top Companies Helping to Reform Medical Coverage

If you or someone you love is receiving medical assistance either through a county office or through the federal government, InnovaCare Health is the leading redefining management for healthcare coverage by simply offering the help of high quality Medicaid and Medicare Advantage through the use of plans aimed at providing network models to its clients.

Through the demand of priority, everything that InnovaCare offers to its patients is their number one priority. They are a leader in the Medicaid and Medicare field by using plans that are aimed at physician services and will provide quality healthcare by establishing a sustainable and cost efficient models which use the fully integrated technology on the market.

InnovaCare is not only offered to the patients within the Continental United States but also offers plans to patients in Puerto Rico. The base of memberships is around 200,000 patients who are provided care and services with more than 7,000 providers or practices.

The complexity within today’s market makes it hard to establish good care and services through medical providers. With the work that InnovaCare offers, they offer a redefined service which helps to keep the challenges met in the healthcare field.

Dr. Richard Shinto is at the helm of the InnovaCare Health system and is operating as the President as well as Chief Executive Officer. He has been involved in the field since 2008 up until the sale of the company in 2012. He worked as the Chief Executive Officer for Aveta Inc and is now the CEO of InnovaCare plans inside of Puerto Rico.

Penelope Kokkinides is now the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Inc. She came back to the company in 2015 where she worked previously as the Vice President of Clinical Operations. She has more than 20 years within the healthcare field with experience in the government programs field. With the extensive knowledge as well as the expertise of creating clinical programs that will help with the healthcare process and the operations of programs by using the focus of improving the efficiencies of organizational structure within the company.

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Penelope Kokkinides has her bachelor’s degree in the field of Biological Sciences and languages from the University of Binghamton. She also holds her master’s degree within Social Work where she graduated from the New York University and completed a post masters program in the field of alcohol and substance abuse. She also attended Columbia University. Visit Penelope’s website at