Richard Mishaan’s World of Design

Richard Mishaan is an artistic designer who takes much pride in giving personality and beauty to the homes of his clients. For his projects, he does his shopping at local respected art emporiums. He is also extremely good at making his own works of art, especially print photographs. He likes photography of classic architecture. You will also often see prints of Abstract Expressionist works throughout his projects.
He is big on highlighting the various colors of everyday life. Richard Mishaan’s personal theory of color is that it affects and guides our moods. His love for beauty, color, art and architecture can be attributed to his group up years. It was during these years that Richard Mishaan spent most of his winters in the port of Cartagena, Columbia. He still refers to it as an “enchanted place.” He is now based in New York, but returned to Cartagena not long ago for a project. It was just as magical as he remembered. While there, he purchased a home and renovated it as a retreat for himself and his family.

Richard Mishaan does not cut corners to save money. If the best is expensive, he will not go in for a knock off if it is less than the best. He is much in demand for assistance on all kinds of design projects for his vast expertise on fashion, architecture, and interior design. He first be commenced his road to success in the design world by earning a B.A. from New York University and then the Columbia University School of Architecture. His commitment to design education has extended to book authorship; Richard Mishaan has authored two incredible books to showcase his interior design works, which were published by Monacelli Press.