Rubica Can Protect You Against Ransomware

I did not realize how important it is to have proper cyber security until my own information was hacked. Cyber Security threats are a growing problem and their effects can stretch across the entire world. The WannaCry attacks were the largest and most widely devasting cyber attack in history and that was just this year. It is so important to understand why these issues deserve more attention. By 2021, it is predicted that cyber security attacks will rise to a cost of over $100 trillion. The government is already spending billions of dollars every year as a result of these ransomware hacks. Put simply, we cannot financially continue to deal with this.

One way that you can protect yourself is to get a personal security company to protect your information. I use Rubica because they operate off of a tightly monitored system and are dedicated to keeping their client’s information safe. In addition to providing top quality service, it is also very easy to use and get started. All I did was download the app onto my device and the team at Rubica handled the rest for me. Now I do not have to worry about being hacked or having my finances violated.

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