Rubica Proved Its Expertise in Preventing Cybercrimes When I Contacted them for their Services After I Was Hacked

The importance of cybersecurity has been the most discussed topic in the recent past. The reason for the increase in debates about cybersecurity is because cyber attacks have been on the rise in the recent past. Take for example the WannaCry attack that affected very many computers in over 150 countries in May this year. Investing News Network explores reasons as to why cybersecurity is paramount.


Importance of Cybersecurity


Cyber attacks threats have been on the rise. According to statistics by Cybersecurity Ventures, investors have spent between $400 and $500 billion in fixing problems caused by cyber crimes (YahooFinance). The firm also projected the cost to increase up to six trillion dollars by the year 2021. The severity of these threats has also increased rapidly. They are now attacking a wider range of information, which prompts for cybersecurity. With more companies adopting the digital way of doing business, it is important to protect the systems from such attacks. It is a good thing that many businesses are investing in cybersecurity.


About Rubica


Rubica is an American company founded last year that provides cybersecurity solutions. I was hacked recently and the firm was the first place I ran to for assistance. The firm’s experts who are drawn from top security organizations were able to save the situation.


After I was hacked, the company installed a personal cyber security to secure my system. Rubica personal cyber security is a powerful tool that alerts you when it senses danger. Rubica has ensured that the fear I developed after I was hacked is no more by securing my system when I am working online.