The Difference Fabletics Makes

Kate Hudson’s athletic wear line, Fabletics, has taken the workout world by storm. Along with providing all-inclusive clothing for women young and old, the brand has completely stormed the world of e-commerce by going around Amazon where others bow down to it like a mighty deity.


In this article we will discuss the incredible clothing line, and the unique approach Fabletics took to effective marketing during 2015, as well as its amazing prospects for 2017.


Amazing Clothes and Great Results


It cannot be overstated that while many brands are only for skinny girls and others cater to people who want to save money, Fabletics is for everyone. The prices are reasonable, the fit is great, and the quality is above the rest. The result is that those who like working out are falling in love with Fabletics.


However, the difference is not just in the clothing. After all, without proper marketing there isn’t a way to get the word out. This is where the leadership of Kate Hudson and her team proved to be well ahead of the curve.


The Boost Media Effect


While many fashion companies are buying full-page print campaigns in Women’s Health and on billboards in Times Square, Fabletics stepped straight into the future by hiring Boost Media, an ad optimization company based in San Francisco, CA.


It was in that period from 2015 and 2016 that sales grew exponentially in the company’s stores, as well as online. The question some may ask is what is ad optimization?, but the real answer to why Boost Media can make such a difference is not in its tech products, but the its talent.


During 2015 Boost Media was employing author Christopher Pascale. While many know Pascale from his 2016 book about his service in the Marine Corps, the business community knows that during this same time he was the CFO of Portfolios with Purpose, which doubled in size under his leadership, and the national sales manager of Kleer-Fax, Inc., for which he brought in Wal-Mart, Amazon and Shoplet as customers, to name a few.


Pascale’s business expertise combined with his passion for the written word helped Boost Media propel the Fabletics brand that much further toward the billion-dollar sales mark.


Where Fabletics is Heading


Because Fabletics is able to marry unconventional approaches with the latest innovations it is growing at a rate previously believed to be unbelievable. However, the numbers don’t lie.


The company is doubling its store count this year, which will reasonably gross an additional $150,000,000 in retail sales alone. Add the brand penetration for online shoppers in those communities, and it’s completely possible that 2017 will be a year where the sales figures have three commas in them.


In closing, this company is providing what may be the greatest modern case study for growing a fashion line quickly with quality. Not only are they offering incredible athletic gear that is all-inclusive at a fair price, but the company is employing new standards with talent that other more mature businesses will not even consider.

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